Monday, July 11, 2011

Films about Bees

There are a number of great films about bees available now; some you can watch from your computer, some are rentable , others are still available only in limited screenings.

For a mind-blowing overview of how honeybees work-- "Bees: Tales From the Hive", a Nova documentary with incredible footage of bees in flight, is very comprehensive and covers all the phases of their life cycles. I had the DVD delivered from Netflix, and I find that someone has put the entire film up on YouTube in 3 parts (first part linked below).
As "Tales From the Hive" came out in 2000, and Colony Collapse Disorder wasn't on the radar until 2006, of course it doesn't deal with the topic, but a slew of new films do.
There's a PBS documentary called "Silence of the Bees" (2007) (which you can watch at the link), a (slightly quirky) one called Colony, available streaming on Netflix, and the most recent I watched, Vanishing of the Bees (2010), which I *highly* recommend (rentable through Netflix).  It puts forth what seems like a pretty plausible explanation for CCD. Yet another that has been recommended to me by several people, but can only be seen at this point in very limited screenings is Queen of the Sun.

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